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Since 1985, Dixon Pumps Inc. (previously known as Dismas Pumps Inc) has led the way in pump transfer technology. From our early beginnings in 1985 as a lone operation in Montana with only a single hand pump, to our revolutionary Blade Master design introduced in 2003, we have built a worldwide reputation on quality, durability, dependability and reliability and now provide an International network of sales, service, and support through our valuable distributors and OEM companies.

Today, Dixon Pumps Inc. is recognized world wide as providing some of the strongest and most powerful positive-displacement pumps. We have moved from operating as an oil transfer pump to servicing markets such as fuel and refueling, bio-diesel, aviation, mining, marine and chemical industries to name a few.

B&K Supply offers a variety of Dixon Pumps for many applications:

  • Explosion & non-explosion proof motor
  • 12 Volt, 24 Volt, 110 Volt, 220 Volt & 460 Volt transfer pumps
  • Portable & stationary versions
  • Gas / Diesel powered pump packages
  • Pressures up to 100 PSI
  • Flow rates up to 100 GPM
  • Operates dry without damage to pumps
  • Uses an integral gear reducer, no couplings or mis-alignment concerns
  • Flow meters and special packages available

Dixon Pumps M-1560-N Series Brochure

Dixon Pumps 1560 Stationary Series Brochure

Dixon Pumps 1560 Honda Mobile Brochure

Dixon Pumps 2020 Series Brochure

Dixon Pumps 202 Honda Stationary Series Brochure

For assistance in selecting the right Dixon product for your needs, please use our online contact form or call us at 303-427-2771.

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